How To Be A Racial Justice Hero on MLK Day, And All Year Long

"All it takes is a little drilling down into your daily routine, examining what’s going on and what you can do differently. Begin by thinking about the institutions you routinely interact with: stores, banks, media outlets, health facilities, schools, your workplace, community or religious organizations, city government and so on. Pick one and ask:

  • Are the policies and practices, and their impacts, racially inclusive and fair?
  • Who are the stakeholders and how can they be engaged in making change?
  • What concrete equitable changes can you envision and propose?
  • How can you focus your collective power to influence the power-holders?
  • What purposeful action steps could lead to real change and when can you begin?

(Read the full story at Colorlines, from their 2011 coverage of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)