Undoing Racism Organizing Collective


UROC Statement on George Floyd:

As Black, White and Latinx women, we are outraged and heartbroken about the murder of George Floyd, Ahmaud Abery and Breonna Taylor and many other Black people in our communities. We send our prayers and condolences to their parents, brothers, sisters, siblings, children, grandparents and communities of friends and loved ones.  We mourn their deaths and are infuriated that the racial violence that takes the lives of so many is allowed to happen.

In the United States we are at a crossroad in our identity as a country that stands for justice and equity.  The virus of racism is centuries old in the United States. The murders point out how Blacks cannot be safe at any time, are not protected by the police, and cannot protect their families. The Covid virus has been the case that boldly underscores how racism is perpetuated in our nation and is manifested in health care, housing, employment, and food security.

We are asking that as we all meet the challenges in front of us, we take the time to understand that we are in it for the long haul. We cannot limit, to this point in time, our grief, our acts of consoling, our acts of protest, and yes in some cases our acts of denial. The door to recognize racism and make systemic change has been opened more than a crack. We must make our commitment to make racial justice and equity a living part of each of our actions, our conversations, and our inner being

In our hearts, we will hold these names present while we persist to create peace, justice and safety for Black People, Brown People and all People of Color. We will not rest until racism is abolished by the institutions and individuals!  

UROC will continue to organize Undoing Racism Workshops.  Please check our website for the upcoming workshops.


The Leadership of UROC of Western Massachusetts 


UROC Mission:

We organize, educate, communicate, and provide resources to undo racism in our families, communities, and institutions.
We seek to do this with humanity, integrity, and accountability.

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